Cenforce 100 mg
what is cenforce 100 mg ? & How it is work ?Best & Effective ED
Cenforce 100

Cenforce 100 mg

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Cenforce 100 is primarily prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a condition where a man has difficulty getting or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual activity.

Cenforce 100 mg (Generic Sildenafil Citrate) is one of the most successful ED Medicine.

Cenforce 100 mg tablets are also called blue pills that are often use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is easy to use to treat male dysfunction issues.

The dosage of Cenforce 100 mg allows the user to independently maintain an erection through sexual arousal.

Both Cenforce 100 mg and Generic Viagra 100 mg , have the very same active ingredient, which is sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil 100 mg Tablet is an oral medication.

Do you know what is Cenforce 100 mg ?

If you don’t  know what is cenforce 100 mg ? then don’t worry Medsloop is here to explain you all about cenforce 100 mg .

  • Cenforce 100 contains an active component Sildenafil Citrate used to treat Erectile Dysfunction difficulties , pre-ejaculation, and impotence in males
  • This medicine introduced in 1998.
  • This medicine sold under the brand name Viagra among others .
  • cenforce 100mg is distributed and manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, in the Indian State of Gujarat.
  • This medicines known as PDE5 inhibitors.
  • PDE5 inhibitors means Sildenafil Citrate doesn’t let PDE5 function because PDE5 is responsible for the penis to lose its erection.
  • After using this drug, the erection will last even after the intercourse.This medicine will confirm invite you to go for the second round of enjoyment.
  • cenforce 100 is well known drug that it is available in almost all the local stores,and if you prefer privacy then, it is also available on online pharmaceutical sites like Medsloop.
  • brand cenforce available in various dosages

Available dosages of cenforce

cenforce 100 mg dosages
cenforce 100 mg dosages

How long does it take for Cenforce 100 mg to work?

  • Medsloop will Always being advised to use the medicine as your doctor prescribes.
  • Well, if you want the small amount of results, eat the pill 30 to 40 minutes before the sexual occasion.
  • The effects of the drug can last 4 to 7 hours.
  • The pills can lose their efficiency if you are a smoking and alcohol addict, and you consume alcohol or smoke before or during sex.
  • If Cenforce is taken with food, the onset of action may be delayed.

How to take cenforce 100mg tablets ?

  • Cenforce 100 mg tablet is very simple to take.
  • you can take 1 pill of cenforce 100 mg mg or as prescribed by the doctor with 1 glass of normal water.
  • This medicine not a chewable you should swallowed as a whole pill with water .
  • caution: this medicine should take only with water.
  • alcohol or other acidic beverage in place of  water can cause unknown side effects.
  • It is not recommended to take in large quantities and for a longer duration than prescribed.

what is cenforce 100 used for ?

  • Cenforce 100 mg pills are  used for the erection of the penis. this is the best solution for ED.
  • The drug’s 100 mg dosage gives users to get and sustain an erection on their own upon sexual stimulation
  • ED not only affects the erection but also increase the confidence in males. 
  • This medicine has power itself to make married life much happier.

what are the side effects of cenforce 100 mg ?

  • Just like any other drug, there are many side effects of the Cenforce 100 medicine
  • Sildenafil citrate is one of the fewest drugs which can resolve the problems of erectile dysfunction.
  • we should aware of the side effects of this medicine before take.

commonly reported side effects

  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Breathlessness
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision (in critical circumstances)
  • Stomach ache
  • Pain in Chest
  • Joint pain
  • Swollen skin
  • Appearance of Sores
  • Itching

Precautions while taking medicine

  • you must take safety precautions Before taking any drug in your body.
  • If you have undergone any surgery Consult a doctor before use.
  • Don’t  buy the pills from any unauthorized store or person. The pill may contain any other substitute of sildenafil or may contain a different component.
  • cenforce 100 available in many dosages please concern doctor before takes.
  • If you are taking any other pills then avoid to take sildenafil tablets , may be it will harm your body.

why choose Medsloop for buying cenforce 100 mg ?

  • Medsloop is a best store for all ED and other disorders.
  • Medsloop is 100% leagal pharmaceutical website.
  • All medicines are FDA approvals 
  • Medsloop always take cares of privacy of customer.
  • Medcine pack such way that not even the delivery knows what’s inside the parcel.


  • cenforce 100 mg is best medicine for ED But not the last option .
  • The main reasons behind ED is our unhealthy diet, smoking, unstable daily routine .
  • ED also depends on our emotional and medication state. If one is feeling depressed, isolated, and suffering from anxiety attacks. He is bound to suffer from ED.
  • The drug is readily available all around the world in both online stores as well as at your nearest pharmaceutical stores.
  • Cenforce 100 mg is a  well-known drug, which people have been consuming for years and taking benefit from it.

here are reviews of cenforce 100 mg

cenforce 100 mg reviews

  • You can find reviews of cenforce 100 mg on our official site Medsloop or any other pharmaceutical website
  • There are lots of positive reviews for cenforce 100.
  • If this medicine works well then obviously it will bring smile on your face and also in your life .This leads to bound positive reviews for cenforce 100.
  • we always recommend you to buy this drug only on prescription not on reviews.

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