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Finpecia is well known brand from india made by cipla ltd. Finpecia used to treat male pattern hair loss (a receding hairline on the top of the scalp).

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What is Finpecia 1 mg tablet?

Finpecia 1 mg tablet is used for treating hair loss problem in men. This medicine is used to increase hair growth and prevent further hair loss with the male pattern baldness( gradually thinning of the hair with receding hairline or the thinning on top of the head).

Finpecia 1mg tablet should be consumed by mouth with or without a meal. It’s active ingredients is Finasteride 1 mg which is marketed by Cipla Ltd. Store finpecia 1 mg tablet below the temperature of 30°C. The dosage and duration of this medicine should be prescripted by the doctor. An overdose of finpecia 1 mg tablet may cause harm to your health.

How to take ?

It is necessary to take the medicine at the same time each day and it should be swallowed as a whole. This medicine could take some time to act on the symptoms, therefore it is important to consume this medicine regularly. The course for the treatment of hair should be completed for the better efficacy of the medicine.

About side effects

Finpecia 1 mg tablet is usually well tolerated. However, finpecia 1 mg could cause some mild sexual side effects such as Erectile Dysfunction, low decreased libido and ejaculation disorder. Allergic reaction like itching, swelling of lips or face and rashes is seen in some people, after the consumption of this medicine. If you experience any of the given side effects, immediately consult with your doctor about it. Before starting the treatment with finpecia 1 mg tablet, it is necessary to tell your doctor if you are having any other medicines courses for any health conditions.

What is hair loss  ?

Finepcia 1 mg

Let’s understand what is hair loss and receding hairline, Hair loss can affect the scalp and can also affect your entire body, and the damage could be temporary or permanent. Hair loss can occur due to heredity, hormonal changes, normal part of aging or medical condition. Any gender can lose hair on their head, but this condition is more commonly seen in men’s.

The term baldness is generally refers to excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hereditary hair loss is the most common cause of baldness. Many people prefers to let their hair loss be continued. Other people may cover it with makeup, hats, scarves or hairstyles. And some people choose to get a proper treatment from the doctor.

Many signs and symptoms of hair loss which causes the receding of hair line are,

1). Gradual thinning on top of head:-

This type of Hair loss is the most common one which affects people as they age. In men, generally hair starts to recede at the hairline on the forehead. For women, normally they have broadening of the part in their hair. And the increasingly common hair loss pattern for the older women is a receding hairline ( frontal fibrosing alopecia).

2). Circular or patchy bald spots:-

Some of the people lose hair in a circular or patchy bald spots on the scalp or beard or eyebrows. The may become painful or itchy before the hair starts to fall out.

3). Sudden loosening of hair :-

A shock whether it maybe physical or emotional could cause hair to loosen. Handful of hairs may come out when combing or washing the hairs or sometimes  even after a gentle tugging. This type of hair loss is bad as it is usually caused overall hair thinning but it is temporary type of hair problem.

4). Full body hair loss :-

Some medical treatment and conditions, such as chemotherapy for treating cancer, will result in the loss of hair all over the body. But the hair usually grows back.

5). Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp :-

This is a sign of ringworm. This could be accompanied by redness, broken hair, swelling.

How to use Finpecia 1 mg tablet :-

Consume this medicine in Dosage and in given duration for the best results. Swallow this medicine as a whole without chewing or crushing or breaking it. Finpecia 1 mg tablet could be consumed with or without a meal, but it is necessary to take this medicine at the same time every day until the course is completed.

Finpecia 1 mg tablet is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It stops the production of male hormone of the body in the scalp which stops the hair growth, which reverses the balding process also prevents further hair loss.

Precautions while taking Finpecia 1 mg tablet:-

1). It is not yet clear whether this medicine could be consumed with a consumption of alcohol. Therefore consult your doctor before consuming any alcohol as it could lead to severe side effects.

2). Finpecia 1 mg tablet is really unsafe to use during pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about this as many studies on animals and pregnant women have shown significant harmful dangerous effects for developing baby.

3). Finpecia 1 mg tablet normally does not effect the ability to drive. Driving is possible after the consumption of finpecia 1 mg tablet but it is necessary to drive safely to avoid accidents.

4). Finpecia 1 mg tablet is safe for the usage in the patients having kidney disease. No adjustments of dose of the finpecia 1 mg tablet is recommended.

 Side effects of Finpecia 1 mg tablet :-

Most of the side effects does not requires medical treatment and soon body adjusts to the medicine. Consult with your doctor if you are worried about the minor side effects.

Some common side effects of Finpecia 1 mg tablet are as follow,

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased libido
  • Ejaculation disorder.

Benefits of Finpecia 1 mg tablet :-

Finpecia 1 mg tablet is a medicine which is used for treating hereditary hair loss. This medicine helps to stop the further hair loss and regrows the hair. Finpecia 1 mg tablet blocks the hormone which is responsible for the excessive hair fall or baldness and also this medicine increases hair growth. Finpecia 1 mg tablet is considered to be safe medicine to use. Regrowth of the hair is beneficial for self-esteem, appearance as well as mood, but for the best result this medicine should be consumed regularly.

Frequently asked questions about Finpecia 1 mg tablet :-

1). Does consuming Finpecia 1 mg tablet increase hair count and thickness of the hair?

Yes, Finpecia 1 mg tablet does increases hair count, length of hair and thickness of hair. In total conclusion this medicine makes the appearance of the scalp enhanced after the treatment.

2). How much time does Finpecia 1 mg tablet takes to stop the hair loss?

Normally, by taking this medicine once every day for three to six months will prove effective. However, continue this medicine only when your doctor suggest too.

3). If I increased the dosage of the Finpecia 1 mg tablet, will it give me better and quick results?

No, increasing the dosage of Finpecia 1 mg tablet will not make any difference at all. The duration as well as the dosage should be strictly followed by your doctor’s advice.

4). Can consuming Finpecia 1 mg tablet will effect my sex life?

Consumption of Finpecia 1 mg tablet may cause decreased sexual desire rarely, inability to develop or maintain erection and also decreased amount of the semen production. Talk with your doctor if you observe these symptoms, as it could effect your sexual life.

5). Does Finpecia 1 mg tablet causes Side effects on permanent level?

No, The side effects usually goes away once you stop taking Finpecia tablet. Also, this side effects could also go away if you keep taking this medicine as the body adjust itself according to the medicine. In case the side effects make you worry consulting a doctor would be best option.

6). For how long duration do I need to take Finpecia 1 mg tablet?

You have to consume this medicine continuously for the sustaining of its benefits. If the treatment is stopped because of some reason the beneficial effects will worn out within 6 months of stopping it.

7). Can women consume Finpecia 1 mg Tablet?

No, Finpecia 1 mg Tablet is strictly prohibited for women and it should be taken only by men.

Conclusion :-

The above information we provided is from the best acknowledgement from our experts and has no fake or misinformation given. People looking for the detailed information about Finpecia 1 mg tablet can get a proper detailed information about the medicine through it.

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